Angela Fortuna-Hodges

Couple Gets Married at a Marlborough Nursing Home

Love is in the air - at least in one Marlborough nursing home.

A couple in their late 70's met over a game of bingo and it wasn't long before they realized they were a perfect match.

They got married on Saturday in the place it all started.

Pat Rossi and Dave DePaolis say they will love and cherish each other for years to come at the Marlborough Rehab Center. The couple tied the knot after a 10-month whirlwind romance.

"We met at bingo!" Rossi said.

"You could see that something was really developing based on the way they talk," Certified Nursing Assistant Yannie Coley said.

"When they first started seeing each other they would ask me to pass notes back and forth in the hallway," Ashley Casale, LPN, said.

Rossi and DePaolis moved in together as their love grew to new heights, proving it's never too late for love.

"We were talking and all of a sudden he just popped the question. And I immediately said yes without hesitation," Rossi said.

"It's so wonderful that even at the ripe age of 77 that they found love again," Coley said.

Other than Rossi's last name, DePaolis said not much is going to change for the couple.

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