Girl Kidnapped from Swansea Found in Connecticut


Just before 4 p.m. on Thursday, a utility worker found a little girl left alone in the parking lot of the Aetna building in Middletown. She had been kidnapped three hours earlier from a gas station in Swansea, Massachusetts, police said.

When the worker found Jaylin Boudria, she was wet and crawling on the ground next to the car seat and a vehicle, Jesse Muldoon, of Transfer Enterprises, said.

Around 1 p.m. on Thursday, Jaylin Boudria, 1, her mother and sister were at a gas station at Routes 6 and 136 in Swansea. The mother went inside. Jaylin’s sister followed, leaving the 12-month-old alone, police said, and that's when they believe the mother’s half-sister abducted the little girl and took her about two hours away to Middletown. 

An amber alert is issued and by the time Muldoon's colleague worker found Jaylin, she could have been left alone for 30 to 40 minutes, police said.

Muldoon and his colleagues comforted Jaylin, who was unharmed and taken to Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford to be evaluated, She was later released to her family.

“A lot of fathers in our group and everybody was just really taken aback by the situation. But doing better now. It's good to know that after a situation like that, that she's going home," she said.

“It's something that's very disturbing, that someone would leave a child alone in this cold weather. Again, I've been here 15 years there's nothing I've seen like this,” Lt. Heather Desmond, of the Middletown Police Department, said.

Now, a multi-state search is on for Kimberly Johnson, 38, and a silver Kia Rio vehicle with a Minnesota license plate. Police believe Johnson may have changed her name to Alissa Johnson. They has a warrant for her arrest on kidnapping charges.

On Friday, police are reviewing surveillance video from the parking lot.

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