Madison Emergency Dispatchers Were Sleeping on the Job: Police

Three Madison dispatchers are off the job after an investigation found them sleeping during their shifts, according to Madison police.

Police said the three dispatchers were all civilians, not sworn police officers. Two resigned, and a third was fired at the conclusion of a 60-day investigation at the end of May.

All three worked the overnight shift from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., and all were found sleeping on the job more than once, according to Madison Police Capt. Joseph Race.

Race stressed that the sleeping occurred when more than one dispatcher was on duty so the phones were never left unmanned, and there was no danger to the town.

The remaining dispatchers have been pulling extra hours to cover the empty shifts. Because of this, the police department requested over $45,000 in special appropriation funds to pay for the overtime, which was approved by the Board of Finance.

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