Sailor Returns after Pirate Ordeal

The crew of the Maersk Alabama is finally home.

Friday afternoon, ATM "Jahid" Reza enjoyed some family time at home with his wife and 6-year-old son. Reza says he even grabbed a few hours of much needed sleep.

"I was emotionally upset and tired from that incident," said Reza.

We all know Reza was the first to see the pirates board the ship. He says he used his knife to stab one of them, but couldn’t stop the siege.

Reza says the pirates are all over Somalia and are very well organized and trained. At one point, Reza says he asked one of the pirates why they were high jacking American ships.

"He told me they are doing it for food, for clothes and to survive."

Reza returned home to messages of praise and gratitude. A few of the neighborhood children even made a poster for him.

"It’s nice to be home with my wife and son," said Reza.

Reza, who’s from Bangladesh, began working as a Merchant Marine in 1989. Over the years, he’s logged about 15 years on the high seas.

He says he’s not sure he will continue his career as a merchant marine, but says he definitely won’t make another trip to the region.

"There are too many pirates, I have to think about my family," said Reza

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