Magnet School Students Headed to MIT

Three best friends get exciting news

Three students from the same magnet school in Hartford beat the odds.  They'll all be heading to the same college, the science and engineering giant M.I.T.

Jennifer Ky, Katie Allsop, and Josh Sibblies are best friends and often study together for the college courses they're now taking at the University High School of Science and Engineering, which sits on the campus of the University of Hartford.  They all found out the good news last week, after each of them logged onto the M.I.T.'s early admissions web page. 

"I kept refreshing the page for like ten minutes and I got my decision and I didn't believe it so I logged out and checked it again a few times," said Ky, of Hartford.

"It said I was accepted and I told my dad and he said 'Congratulations,' and I called my mom at work and she was excited," said Allsop, of Bolton.  

The students, along with teachers and administrators, all realize it's rare for three applicants from the same school to be accepted into such a prestigious university.

"We're very proud of their accomplishments and to have three kids from our school getting into M.I.T., most schools would be overjoyed to have one student accepted into M.I.T.," said Michael Fromerth, a science teacher at the magnet school.

All three of the students have also been accepted to other schools, but with M.I.T. as their first choice, it didn't take long for any of them to decide where they'll study.  They're all planning to make the most of their high-tech education, happy to have good friends close by.

"That's kind of what made the acceptance all the better just the fact that I know that I'm gonna have people there that I know and I'm friends with already," said Sibblies, of Windsor.

"It's so reassuring because I know none of us will fall behind.  We're all gonna help each other out," said Allsop. 

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