Owner of Mailman-Mauling Dogs Cited

Two pit bulls severed a mailman’s artery when they attacked him as he was delivering mail in Norwich Thursday and the dog's owner has been charged.

A construction worker who was working on a home on Harland Place heard the mailman screaming outside and went to help the man.

“I grabbed my framing hammer and walked out the front door, and when I came out, I saw him and he was putting a chair between himself and the dogs, trying to keep the dogs off. So I started yelling out the dogs, and I ran toward the dogs,” Tage Wright, 59, of Montville, said.

“They both looked like they were going to make a pass at me,” Wright told the newspaper. “Maybe they know a mad carpenter with a framing hammer when they see one. They have teeth. I have a hammer.”

The Norwich Bulletin identified the mailman as Jeff Glenn..  

The owner of the dogs also helped break up the fight.
The bite severed an artery in the mailman's leg and his arm could be fractured, police said. He is in serious condition.

Thursday’s attack was the 28th time police had been called to the house with the dogs. The parents of the two dogs were euthanized after attacking someone.

The owners of the dogs said they weren’t usually cruel and got out of the back yard through a hole in the fence. 

David Holland, who owns the pit bulls, was charged with two counts of nuisance with a vicious dog, two counts of failure to vaccinate for rabies, two counts of allowing a dog to roam and two counts of failure to license.

Animal Control took the dogs.

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