Their Fat Could Make You Thin

A New Haven, CT company is making fat – lots of it.

We’re not talking about a fast-food restaurant. This is a company using stem cells to try and combat diseases.
CellDesign’s motto is “Got Cells?” Their goal is to use stem cells to create tissue for pharmaceutical companies to study.
Thursday, they announced a breakthrough that’s helping them do just that. They’re able to take stem cells from adult liposuction surgeries and turn them into more fat.
Wondering why you’d want to make fat? The answer is simple -- to try and figure out how to help people lose it without needing surgery like liposuction.
CellDesign figured out how to turn the cells into human brown fat and white fat. White fat is the bad stuff. Brown fat is the not-so-bad stuff, but it’s also where researchers try and target in the fight against diabetes.
The company hopes to keep expanding its “product line” and eventually make human livers for drug companies to use for testing.
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