Making Sure Your Home Is Ready for Winter: Saving Money & Energy

It’s the second week of November but the winter chill is here and now is the time to make sure your home is ready for winter and that you’re not wasting energy….or money.

In an effort to help homeowners create a more energy efficient household,  Eversource came up with the Home Energy Solutions program.

“They showed me where I was losing my energy as far as my heating. They sealed up many of the areas that were causing the draft and whatnot,” explains Frank Jacovino of Thomaston. “They did a wonderful job there and out of here maybe in a couple hours."

Frank Jacovino’s house was build in 1866 and 153 years later, it was leaking air and wasting valuable energy and money.

“Overtime things settle originally when they were built, not too much insulation was put in,” explains Enoch Lenge from Eversource. “And so it’s actually a real opportunity to seal up those air leaks and to put in additional insulation and you know, again, the comfort benefit is huge.”

Through Eversource's Home Energy Solutions program, Frank had an authorized contractor come out to his home and not only show him where he was losing energy, but they fixed everything right on the spot for a set fee ranging from $150-$175 dollars depending upon how you heat your home.

But that one time fee goes a long way. The average home receives $1000 worth of services and saves $200 to $250 a year on their energy bills. From sealing up air leaks and servicing air ducts and heating systems to replacing light bulbs with LED's that can save up to 90 percent energy use.

There are multiple resources in Connecticut that support green living including organizations like The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, United Illuminating, Connecticut Light and Power. Everyone has the same goal of protecting our environment and saving you money.

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