Male Students Hold Feminine Products Drive at New Haven School

A group of male students from James Hillhouse High School in New Haven is holding a feminine products drive through June 2 so they will be readily available for women in public restrooms.

The idea came about after the founder of The Kiyama Movement ( read an article about how 86 percent of women do not always have the necessary products with them.

"We don't argue about the cost of toilet paper, they just make it available. So why should we argue about the cost of feminine products? They should be made available to females of all ages and they're not," Michael Jefferson, the founder of The Kiyama Movement, said.

The Kiyama Movement is made up of a group of 15 to 20 young African American men focused on promoting self-improvement. It teaches students about respect for life, sexual responsibility, commitment to fatherhood, respect for womanhood and economic accountability.

The group of young men is raising awareness and gathering supplies in the hopes that if a female classmate or teacher needs feminine products, they will have them.

They also hope it will inspire a nationwide movement.

"We care about women and we feel they should have the things they need just as much as we should," Terrance Mallory, a senior, said.

The students said the response from their female classmates has been positive.

"It is a little embarrassing to talk about at first, but they've actually come to like it and have supported us, donated very well," Patrick Moye, a senior, said.

Students said they hope raising awareness will help to eradicate gender inequality.

“I am extremely proud of each and every one of them for attacking this issue," Kermit Carolina, the supervisor of youth development and engagement for New Haven Public Schools, said.

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