Malloy Calls for Shared Sacrifice


Connecticut has sworn in its first Democratic governor since 1991 and Gov. Dan Malloy said he’s taking over at “a crossroads of crisis and opportunity.”

After taking office, Malloy delivered an address discussing the difficulties, but said the state can get through it with shared sacrifice.

“If we are all willing to engage in a shared sense of sacrifice, we can realize shared prosperity for everyone in Connecticut,” he said.

“Today, I stand before you deeply honored by the office I am assuming, and by the essence of integrity, trust, hope and potential that this office represents for the people of Connecticut,” Malloy said. “Thoroughly grounded by our modern-day challenges. Yet intrinsically optimistic about our prospects for a prosperous future which itself is worthy of the foundation that our ancestors worked so hard to give us.”

The problems, he said, are fueled by an “unfriendly employer environment, a lack of educational resources, a deteriorating transportation system, and an enormous budget crisis of historic proportions -- all coddled by a habit of political sugarcoating that has passed our problems onto the next generation.”

Mallow will soon address the General Assembly and present his ideas for improving Connecticut.

“I believe that Connecticut’s best days are ahead – if we join together in what must be a shared, emerging movement for rational, honest, achievable change,” Malloy said. “A movement that restores economic vitality, creates jobs and returns Connecticut to fiscal solvency by establishing our means and living within them.”

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