Malloy, Foley Go After Each Other in Radio Debate

The candidates for governor picked up on Thursday right where they left off from their debate on Tuesday night.

On the issue of health care, both Republican Tom Foley and Democrat Dan Malloy accused each other of lying after Malloy said Foley had a plan to revamp health care in Connecticut.

Foley said he has no such plan.

Malloy and Foley went at each other over pretty much everything Thursday morning on Chaz and AJ In the Morning on 99.1 WPLR.

On the topic of the death penalty, both agreed that Steven Hayes should be put to death.

But while Foley is for capital punishment, Malloy said he’d abolish it except for those who remain on death row.

“Why would you support a bill to abolish the death penalty when a majority of the voters support it. Why would you do that? It's arrogant,” Foley asked Malloy.

“You, Tom Foley are going to lecture me on arrogance? Give me a break you are one of the most arrogant people I've ever met,” Malloy said.

On the economy, Malloy said he'd lower taxes on small businesses.

Foley said he'd reduce spending. When Malloy was asked if he’d raise taxes he said, “I hope not.” Foley simply answered, “No.”

While the voters and political pundits will decide who came out on top in this debate, the two did actually come to blows in what was a lighter moment at the end of the debate.

Foley and Malloy played a game of ‘Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Robots.’ Malloy won.

Their next televised debate is scheduled for Oct. 19.

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