Malloy: If You Lack Power, Stay in a Shelter

Temperatures will dip to freezing.

Six days after the freak fall snowstorm, 306,000 Connecticut households and businesses still have no power and temperatures are expected to dip down to freezing temperatures on Friday night.

Since the Saturday storm coated the state in snow, took down trees and knocked out power to most residents, at least five people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning while attempting to heat their homes with generators or grills. Many others have been treated, including three people who were transported from La Fontana restaurant on Colony Street in Meriden on Friday morning.

Gov. Dannel Malloy advised people who still have no power to stay in a shelter overnight to avoid further tragedy.

“Tonight is going to be very cold, with lows in the 20s in parts of the state of Connecticut. If you’re still without power, please consider going to one of the local shelters,” Malloy said.

Eighty two shelters were open on Thursday night and they are prepared to open on Friday as well, Malloy said.

“I know that everybody’s at wit’s end. I just would not want to see any additional CO problems … play out as a result of people getting desperate in the wee hours of the morning.”

United Technologies Corp. has donated 5,000 carbon monoxide detectors, which are being delivered to the American Red Cross to distribute.

“In light of the deaths we’ve had due to carbon monoxide, I think it’s highly appropriate and want to thank them,” Malloy said. “As I said before, change your batteries and if you don’t have a CO detector, this is an opportunity, working with the Red Cross, to receive one and get it in your own home.”

For shelter information, call 911 or check the list on this Web site here.

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