Malloy Nominates Associate Justice Robinson to Lead CT Supreme Court

Gov. Dannel Malloy has named a new nominee for chief justice to the Connecticut Supreme Court after his last nominee was voted down

Malloy said in a statement that he is nominating Associate Justice Richard Allan Robinson, of Stamford, to serve as Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. 

“During his esteemed career in public and judicial service Justice Robinson has demonstrated a keen legal acumen and incisive insight,” Malloy said in a statement:. “I am confident that as Chief Justice, his tenure will be marked with distinction and his leadership will prove to be invaluable, should he be confirmed.” 

If confirmed, Justice Robinson would fill the seat that was most recently held by Chief Justice Chase T. Rodgers, who retired from the bench in February. 

“If I am confirmed, I will do all that is humanly possible to live up to the high standards of this office,” Justice Robinson said in a statement.

Malloy previously nominated Andrew McDonald as Supreme Court Chief Justice, but he was voted down.

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