Malloy Says GOP Budget Will Hurt CT Jobs

Governor Dannel Malloy is ramping up his fight against a Republican budget passed by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle last week. He believes the spending plan would be devastating to the state’s effort to increase jobs.

Following the governor’s speech Thursday, he toured the inside of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, a facility that receives funding from the state and helps manufacturers with technology. He said the Republican budget is taking the state in the wrong direction, particularly when it comes to economic development.

“Attacking these kinds of programs is a dramatic mistake for manufacturing in CT which is one of the bulwarks in our economy,” Malloy said.

The governor stressed the importance of workforce training programs. He says the budget that passed last Saturday would threaten the state’s commitment to growing good manufacturing jobs.

“Plain and simple this budget pulls the rug out from under our economic and workforce development efforts at a critical juncture for our state,” he said.

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano quickly responded, saying the governor’s concerns are misplaced and that reductions under the Republican budget are simply about creating a more efficient system with consolidation and small restructuring cuts – adding that “ All of a sudden, this governor, who has chased businesses out of the state and has made it virtually impossible for businesses to thrive in Connecticut, is now picking on workforce development. For the governor to lecture anyone on job creation is absurd.”

Malloy did say there are aspects of the Republican budget that he likes, but has still said he will veto it.

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