Malloy Says Travel Ban Unnecessary

Gov. Dannel Malloy stands by his decision not to issue a travel ban during the storm that hit Connecticut on Monday, dropping more than a foot of snow across parts of the state and creating what state police called "treacherous" driving conditions.

The governor said this week's storm fell short of the size and scope of the Blizzard of 2015.

“Those are very different circumstances than the ones being presented in this storm, which is a long duration storm but not snowfall at a 4-inch clip,” Malloy said during a news conference Monday.

Last week’s blizzard brought upwards of two feet of snow to eastern Connecticut and even more along the Rhode Island and Massachusetts borders.

"This is New England," Malloy said, adding that residents should be used to snow storms taking a toll on the work and school day.

Malloy said he wanted to be careful about instituting a travel ban, even with whiteout conditions on the roads, because he didn’t want to alarm the entire state. He said other officials deemed this storm less serious than last week’s blizzard.

“It’s kind of a bond with the people of Connecticut that when I say, 'Get the heck off the highways and I’m going to close the highway,' it’s because we’re being threatened with extraordinary circumstances,” Malloy said.

The governor added that this storm has unfolded precisely as expected when it comes to power outages, which have been minimal across the entire state.

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