Malloy Signs Bump Stock Ban Into Law

Gov. Dannel Malloy hosted a ceremony on Thursday, where he signed a bill banning bump stocks into law.

The governor held the ceremony at Bulkeley High School in Hartford and said he held it at a high school because of the way high school students have been energized by advocating to put an end to gun violence following the shootings in Parkland and Santa Fe.

Lawmakers passed the bill earlier this month.

The bill makes it illegal to sell, transfer, possess or use bump stock-type devices that enhance the rate of fire of a firearm.

Bump stocks became a hot-button issue after the mass shooting in Las Vegas last October that left 59 dead. The shooter used a bump stock on some of his weapons, according to police.

Anyone who currently owns bump stocks in Connecticut would be required to move them out of state, surrender them to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, or render the device inoperable.

Those against the bill said they are skeptical about how a measure banning the devices would save lives or stop criminals from committing crimes. Proponents said making them more difficult to obtain is a step in the right direction.

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