Man Accused of Assaulting Toddler and Woman

A 29-year-old New Haven man has been arrested, accused of assaulting a 2-year-old girl and his girlfriend

Police responded to a Read Street apartment just before 1 a.m. on Saturday to investigate a report of domestic assault.

A witness told police that a man and woman were arguing and the caller reported it after hearing the man scream, "You got blood on my bed. … I should kill you," police said.

When police arrived, no adults were home and a 14-year-old boy who was there said he didn't know what had gone on, police said.

Inside, police found a 2-year-old girl in a back bedroom with a bloodied lip, a swollen knee and a red marks across her face, police said.

A 6-year old boy and a 12-year-old boy were also in the apartment, asleep on the third floor, police said.

As police were arranging for emergency medical care for the little girl, her mother arrived and said the little girl was Jequan Lee’s daughter and the toddler was staying with him
and his new girlfriend.

Then the girlfriend arrived.

Police realized that she had been assaulted as well and she told investigators that Lee was drinking and she tried to intervene when she heard him trying to discipline the young girl with a belt, police said.

The woman suffered a severe laceration to her left elbow and police believe Lee tried to attack her with a knife.

She had swollen black eyes as well, police said.

The injured child and woman were taken to the hospital by ambulance and investigators searched for Lee.

In a bedroom of the Read Street residence, police said they found 106 bags of marijuana.

Police said they found Lee hiding beneath a pile of dirty clothes in the basement of 350 Shelton Ave., police said.

Officers arrested Lee and he was charged with assault in the second degree; assault in the third degree; risk of injury to a minor; interfering with police; and two drug charges, including possession of marijuana with the intent to sell.

Police continue to investigate.

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