Man Admitted to Stealing Car from South Windsor Gym: Police

A 22-year-old Hartford man is accused of stealing a Lexus from a South Windsor gym and taking it for a joyride. 

Police said they identified 22-year-old David Booth, of Hartford, as a suspect in two cases through DNA after recovering the stolen vehicles. 

Booth is accused of stealing a Lexus sedan from LA Fitness on Buckland Road in 2015. Police said he admitted that he went through unlocked lockers until he found a key fob, then went to the parking lot and pressed the unlock button until finding the car, then took it for a “joy ride.” 

Police said Booth also admitted to taking part in the theft of a Hyundai sedan. 

Detectives later obtained two arrest warrants for Booth, who has been charged larceny in the second degree and conspiracy to commit larceny in the third degree.

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