Man Accused of Attacking Friend with Hammer

A New Britain woman is lucky to be alive after police said a man attacked her with a hammer and hit her in the head repeatedly over the weekend.

Tyrone Owens said his stepsister was just released from the hospital after being struck with a hammer inside her apartment on Marwood Drive.

“It was very frightening. ... I was upsetting,” he said. “She got hit with a hammer. She got marks here on her leg, and stubbed her toe.”

Owens said the victim was hit in the head with that hammer repeatedly and her young son was there when it happened.

“It was chaotic, her son was screaming, 'Help my mom,'” Owens said.

New Britain police arrested Richard Campbell in connection with the crime.

Owens said Campbell is a family friend and does not know what led to this.

“I can’t believe it happened. I’m shocked,” Owens said.

Neighbors said the victim came out of her apartment, screamed for help, ran across the complex and ended up at a friend’s place down the road. The friend then called 911.

“It’s not what you want to wake up to either on Sunday morning,” said Yashira Santiago, who woke up to detectives surrounding the neighborhood just minutes later.

“I didn’t hear anything. That’s the worst part,” Santiago said.

She was worried about the safety of children in the area and the woman who was targeted just a few feet away.

Campbell was in court on Tuesday and was arraigned on several criminal charges, including attempted murder.  He was held on $1 million bond.

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