Man Arrested for Being Accused of Threatening CT State Representative

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A man was arrested and is facing charges for allegedly threatening a state representative.

State Capitol Police said the arrest stems from an investigation into communication sent to State Rep. Tammy Nuccio of Tolland. She confirmed that the man left her a voicemail, threatening to hurt her.

In a statement regarding the incident, Nuccio said she understands how people have become very agitated and emotional over political issues, but "threats of extreme violence made against anyone in our society, regardless of whether they are an elected official, cannot be tolerated and must be taken seriously."

Nuccio said it all started when she placed a campaign sign on a property that had requested it. The business owners didn't know the property had been sold to someone who didn't want it there.

"The threat directed toward me from a constituent was extremely frightening to both my family and myself. Our home lives have been irreparably impacted," Nuccio said.

Nuccio goes on to say that she's never felt threatened of fearful in the town she's lived in for 37 years until this incident.

"I hope the people who are becoming overly emotional can get the help they need or find a way to vent their frustrations without threats, words or actions of violence," she said.

"I, like so many in our community, hope that we can all begin to heal the divides between us and work together for the betterment of our residents," Nuccio continued.

The man faces charges including second-degree threatening, harassment and breach of peace. He's scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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