Connecticut State Police

Man Arrested for Having Loaded Handgun in Carry-On Bag at Bradley Airport

A man was arrested at Bradley International Airport after Transportation Security Administration found a loaded handgun in his carry-on bag.

42-year-old Stephen Royer of Enfield was carrying a .22 caliber handgun loaded with five bullets, a spokesperson for TSA said.

TSA said the Granby resident claimed he used the same bag he goes camping with and he forgot his loaded gun was in the bag.

TSA officers called Connecticut State Police when they spotted the gun in the x-ray machine. Police then arrested the man and confiscated the gun, the spokesperson said.

This is the second gun caught at the airport's checkpoint so far this year, a spokesperson for TSA said.

TSA allows individuals to carry unloaded handguns in locked cases in their checked baggage.

Royer is scheduled to appear in court on May 6.

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