DNA Solves UConn Attacks: Cops

UConn Police say Robert Morgan, 24, of Vernon, attacked two women at gunpoint on the Storrs campus in the past year.

"We are happy to be able to publicly state that we have a suspect in custody and he will answer to the charges in court," UConn Police Major Ronald Blicher said.

The first attack was in September 2008, when a UConn student was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in a wooded area near the Hilltop Apartments.

Then two months ago, on June 2, another similar attack in a field near Horsebarn Hill Road.  This time, the victim, who was not a UConn student, was able to fight off the suspect and call for help.

UConn and State Police responded and stopped anyone who fit the suspect description. Robert Morgan, a delivery driver for Fed Ex, was one of them.

"It was the DNA evidence that we obtained individually from the two incidents that was compared to Morgan's DNA, which has been determined to be consistent with Morgan's DNA," Blicher said.

"Obviously we're extremely alarmed by these charges and we're cooperating with state and local police in their investigation," Allison Sobczak, of Federal Express, said.

Students on the Storrs campus Tuesday night were relieved to hear Morgan is behind bars.

"I'm just glad they had the chance to catch somebody," said Krystal Warren, a UConn Senior.  "The fact that they have DNA to prove it, that's even better."

"I'm sure especially students who have been here awhile and dealt with maybe at night being afraid of people like that being around, I'm sure it's a huge relief for them," said Andre Martinez, a UConn graduate student.

Even with Morgan's arrest, UConn police still have a reminder for students.  As classes start again at the end of the month, they shouldn't let down their guard. 

Krystal Warren has heard the message loud and clear.  "When I'm by myself, I always have something to protect myself, whether it's mace or pepper spray always, always," said Warren.

Morgan is being held on a $3 million  bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned in Tolland Superior Court on Wednesday.

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