Man Busted With Marijuana-Laced Snacks

Getty Images and Middletown Police

Middletown police arrested a man who they said had a car full of chocolate, dozens of snack cakes and lollipops, all made with marijuana.

Police said they stopped Michael Mikolinksi, 23, of Coventry, Rhode Island, at Pine and Wadsworth streets in Middletown at 8:12 p.m. on Wednesday because a taillight was not working and he seemed extremely nervous and evasive.

The investigating officer realized that something more was going on when he smelled marijuana, police said.

During a pat down, the officer found hash oil in Mikolinski’s pocket and placed the suspect in handcuffs after he admitted it was a narcotic.

When the officer asked if there was anything else in the car that police should know about, he said no, but a narcotic-detecting K9 found much more, according to police.

Two-heat sealed bags that contained five bags of marijuana each and a cooler were in the car.

Inside the cooler, police found a large bell-shaped piece of chocolate that smelled like marijuana, police said.

At first, Mikolinski denied that the chocolate had marijuana in it.

He told police that his mother had made it and that he picked it up in Cheshire before traveling to Middletown, according to the arraignment report.

In all, police found five bell-shaped chocolates, 15 smaller square chocolates, seven lollipops and 24 homemade Twinkies in tin foil.

Mikolinski first denied that the Twinkies had marijuana in them and said his mom made them, but later admitted that all the food contained THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is extracted from marijuana resin.

In addition to the narcotic snack foods, police also found vials of liquid marijuana in the car.

The total value of drugs in the car was around $7,500.

Mikolinski also had $3,526 separated by rubber bands in his pocket.

He explained it by saying his mother had baked him the marijuana goods and gave him the money to pay his rent, according to police.

As police were investigating, Mikolinski received several text messages from people looking to buy marijuana, police said.

They also found texts from Mikolinksi saying he was heading to Middletown and had “ounces for sale,” according to police.

Police seized Mikolinski’s 2004 Subaru Forester and charged him with failure to have proper tail lamps, possession of marijuana and additional drug charges.

He was held on $250,000 surety bond and is due in court on Oct. 9. 


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