Man Called Students ‘Beautiful' While Touching Himself in West Hartford: PD

A man was arrested for driving up to two high school students at a bus stop in West Hartford and spoke to them while masturbating, police said.

Nicholas Webb, 32, allegedly drove up to two juveniles on Richard Street and South Quaker Lane earlier in January. He told the victims they were "beautiful" as he masturbated, the juveniles told West Hartford police.

"He caught their attention, called them over, they looked down and they saw what he was doing," Sgt. Eric Rochealeau of West Hartford Police said.

Police said Webb eventually drove off, but not before the students got a description of him and his car. 

According to police, the description of the driver and car were similar to other cases in West Hartford.

Webb faces charges of risk of injury/impairing morals, public indecency and breach of peace. He was held on a court set $200,000 bond. 

'I’m sure that the children that who were involved those parents and all those kids are absolutely physically relieved to no end," Steve Kantrowitz, a parent in West Hartford said.

Police said more charges could be coming because they are investigating if Webb is connected to another case that happened on Seneca Road in December.

"I can’t say for sure if he’s definitely involved in those," Sgt. Rocheauleau said.

"I will say that he fits the description, his vehicle does also and the incidents are very similar.”

In 2010, Webb was convicted for risk of injury stemming from a New Britain arrest. 

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