Man Charged in Connection with Injuries to Multiple Officers

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“Put it simply this is was a recipe for disaster.”

That was a judge’s description of the allegations against 25-year-old Luis Camacho. He appeared before the judge by video Tuesday to be arraigned on five counts of assaulting a police officer.

Investigators say it happened Monday afternoon as police in Meriden approached a car on North Second Street that they believe was involved in a shooting.

“They then put the car in drive and crashed into one of our cruisers,” said Sgt. Darrin Mckay of the Meriden Police Dept.

Police say the driver kept hitting the police cruisers and injured the five officers.

“A couple of them were on foot, a couple of them were still in the vehicles,” Mckay said. “The driver then recklessly put the car in drive on a third attempt to get away at which time he struck another cruiser while one of our officers was attempting to get out of that car. At that time our officer was pinned between the driver side door of the cruiser and the frame of that vehicle.”

A judge set Camacho’s bond at $750,000.

 “I’m sorry that what my stepson did but I don’t think he meant it,” said Joanna Adorno following the hearing. “From the bottom of my heart, I don’t think my stepson meant to hurt those people. I think he really got scared because of what everything happens in this world.”

She was emotional, saying she believes the current climate around policing lead to Camacho’s fear of being stopped. 

“This has to really stop because a lot of young kids are getting hurt, and I’m not making excuses for my stepson, but I really don’t think he meant it because he’s never been in trouble before.”

Court officials acknowledged this was his first offense. He’s facing multiple additional charges, including five counts of second-degree assault, weapons charges and reckless driving.

All five officers injured Monday are recovering.

“At the end of the night we had five officers transported to the hospital they were all treated for their injuries and released,” said Mckay. “Certainly nothing was life threatening and it could have been a lot worse, so we feel very fortunate.”

Camacho’s next hearing is scheduled for May 18.

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