Man Charged in Tolland Road Rage Incident

A 23-year-old Tolland man has been arrested after he was accused of pointing a gun at someone during a road rage incident on Thursday night.

When police responded to a gas station on Route 195 in Tolland just before 7:30 p.m. Thursday, the victim said a man in a black Nissan was following closely behind him, so he yelled for the man to back away, police said.

That’s when the driver of the Nissan pulled up next to the victim, pulled out a gun, chambered a round and pointed the barrel of a gun at him, police said.

Police identified William Bogner, 23, of Tolland, as the suspect.

When police spoke with him, he denied being involved, but police said the description from the victim “substantially matched Bogner’s appearance.”

They also said they saw a gun on the kitchen table and it was registered to Bogner.

He was charged with first-degree threatening, reckless endangerment and breach of peace and is due in court on Aug. 1.

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