Man Critical After Snowmobile Crash

Steven Davidson was visiting a friend's house in Portland, when he heard a loud bang.

"I came outside and I saw a snowmobile on the ground and a kid laying on the ground and I ran over and his mouth was bleeding," Davidson said.

Christopher Brown, 22 of Middletown lay bleeding in the middle of Main Street in Portland, after his snowmobile collided with a pickup.

"The snowmobile had severe damage to it, all front end damage," said Chief Robert Shea with the Portland Fire Department.

The accident happened just 100 yards from the Portland Fire Station.

Firefighters and EMS rushed Brown inside and waited for a Lifestar helicopter to arrive.

Lifestar crews stabilized a badly injured Brown and then flew him to St. Francis Hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

Portland Police say Brown was driving the snowmobile up Main Street, following a friend on an ATV. There was a pickup truck making a left turn here onto Edgewood. The pickup driver told police he saw the ATV, but didn't see the snowmobile.

"This is horrible, terrible for the family and for the entire community, said Katie Nicolletti of Portland. "We've all been warned to stay off the streets today. The snowmobiler should have known."

It's illegal to drive a snowmobile or ATV on public roads. Portland firefighters say this crash is a reminder of the reason why.

"Stay off the road with those vehicles. They are very dangerous," said Fire Chief Shea. "The drivers can't see you. They are way above you."

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