Man Destroyed Kim Kardashian Books at Barnes & Noble: Police

A 74-year-old man was arrested after police say he destroyed several Kim Kardashian books at a Barnes & Noble in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Carl Puia, of Glastonbury, turned himself in on Monday.

Puia was caught on security cameras on Oct. 13, 2016, pouring a "red liquid" all over several of Kardashian's "Selfish" books, according to police.

The coffee table books are a collection of selfies by the reality TV star. According to police, six books were "destroyed in the massacre and could not be revived."

Police said Puia also left a lengthy typewritten note for the staff at Barnes & Noble detailing his dislike for Kardashian and "people like her."

Puia turned himself in on Monday and was charged with criminal mischief. He was released on $2,500 bond and is scheduled to be in court on March 22.

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