Man in Fair Condition After Impalement on Ladder While Cutting Tree in Trumbull

A man impaled on a ladder while cutting a tree in Trumbull underwent surgery and is in fair condition.

Emergency responders and trauma surgeons worked for nearly two hours Tuesday night to save a man who became impaled on a ladder while cutting a tree in Trumbull.

Officials with the Long Hill Fire Department said a worker was trimming a tree on Fresh Meadow Drive when he became trapped between two large limbs and impaled his leg on the ladder.

"We found one male with a large tree branch – estimated, it was probably in excess of 2,000 pounds – with a ladder partially impaled into the victim," said Deputy Chief Alex Rauso of the Long Hill Fire Department.

Local tree companies and trauma surgeons were called out to cut the man free. Rauso said crews worked for an hour and 40 minutes to rescue the worker, who was suspended 13-15 feet in the air.

EMS officials got on-site support from an area hospital on how to extricate the person, treating him as a "critical" call because of the nature of the incident.

"The extrication process was very tense, very extreme," said Rauso.

He said the man was conscious and speaking throughout the process. After removing the impaled object, a ladder, he was transported to Bridgeport Hospital for further treatment. His condition is unknown.

"The firefighters did an extraordinary job with this rescue effort," Rauso said. "It was very involved, very detailed, very challenging, and their efforts were extraordinary today."

Bridgeport Hospital is not releasing the patient's name at this time. He is expected to recover, according to Rauso.

"The firefighters rescue efforts definitely saved this gentleman's life," Rauso said. "It's always a great feeling in our business when the outcome is successful."

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