Man in Gorilla Suit Interrupts Class, Prof Isn’t Laughing

Yale professors say interruptions aren't funny

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They have become a rite of passage for many trying to get into campus organizations at Yale.  The goal is to pull of a prank of some kind, often interrupting a classroom.

The Yale Daily News is reporting that many professors say they've had enough and want to see students who disrupt their lectures disciplined.

Just last month, someone dressed in a gorilla costume interrupted Professor Alexander Nemerov's lecture in an art history class.  The professor stood and stared until the gorilla suit-wearing prankster left. 

It's the latest in a series of pranks where students are bringing classes to a halt, the Daily News reports. 

In Nemerov's lectures just this year, he endured two female students explaining how to make the perfect martini and a staged argument between a male and female pretending to be pregnant with a pillow stuffed beneath her shirt, the paper reports. 

In another class, two pranksters used a sex object as a demonstrative tool in how to properly apply a condom and preached the practice of safe sex.

Several professors have complained that the pranks are disrupting the learning environment, and Yale administrators apparently agree.  

On Monday, Yale College Dean Mary Miller sent a campus-wide e-mail, stating that the number of staged interruptions has gone up, and that those participating would be subject to disciplinary action. 

What that action is, however, is unclear, since there are no clear guidelines in the Undergraduate Regulations that dictate how to handle student pranks like these.

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