Friends Stunned By Musician's Death

Mitchell Dubey was the only one shot during a home invasion Thursday night.

Mitchell Dubey's friends and co-workers are trying grasp just why the 23-year-old was shot and killed inside his rented New Haven home Thursday night.

Dubey was shot in the chest inside the house at 29 Bassett Street around 10 p.m, according to police. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He was known as a bike enthusiast and musician, and worked a the Devil's Gear bike shop, where a small, makeshift memorial was put up in his honor Friday.

"It's still hard to get your head around, you know?", said David Kahn, who worked at the Devil's Gear bike shop with Dubey.

There were six people home at the time of the home invasion, but Dubey was the only one shot.

"I'm still in shock, it doesn't seem real," Dubey's roommate Andy wrote on a message board Friday.  "He was shot right in front of us in our own home."

Dubey moved from California, and moved into the Bassett Street home in November.

"They helped us out a lot when the snow storms were here," said neighbor Albetha Nelson.  "Both guys cam out and helped dig out about five cars all along the road.  They were really ambitious about doing that, and we really appreciated that."

Police said the shooting was not random, but those who knew Dubey are stunned that their friend would be the target of violence.  "I just always felt like Mitchell was the person you could count on.  If somebody called in sick, if we were short someone, he was the kind of person who would come in on a day off if you said you needed help," Kahn said.

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