Bridgeport Man Killed Over Fake Rolex

Wife found husband murdered in chair, with daughter curled up on his chest

A man in Bridgeport was killed over his Rolex, police said, but the watch was only a knockoff worth $5. 

Monique Geyer left her shift at Dunkin Donuts early on on April 13 and found her husband, Darrell, in a chair their Wood Avenue apartment in Bridgeport. He'd been shot in the head. 

The couple's daughter was curled up in the chest of her dead father, the Connecticut Post reports

The only thing missing was his watch, the Post reports.

Lawrence Perry, 18 -- who is Darrell's cousin -- and Antwone Sharpe, 20, were arrested and charged with felony murder, home invasion, first-degree robbery, risk of injury to a minor and reckless endangerment.

Geyer told police her husband was selling marijuana, but none was missing, the post reports.

Perry told police he'd bought marijuana from his cousin a few days before the murder and owed him money, but was with his girlfriend at the time of the murder, the post reports.

However, when police went to question the girlfriend, she was wearing a fake Rolex very much like the one Darrell had worn, reports the Post.

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