Man Removed Snake From Under Car With Bare Hands

“Towards the end of it, you could tell he was getting a little aggravated and he did try to strike once,” he said

An Enfield, Connecticut, man got quite the surprise Thursday when a boa constrictor curled up under his car engine. The East Windsor Police Department posted the gripping video on its Facebook page.

In an exclusive interview, Maurice LaRosa said he was visiting his aunt on Winton Road in East Windsor when 7-year-old Ela Ortak spotted the 6-foot long reptile feasting on a rabbit.

“I was just looking out the window and then I saw a snake...and I didn’t know a boa constrictor lived out here,” said Ortak.

LaRosa said they called East Windsor Police and with the help of two officers, he was able to wrestle the snake out with his bare hands.

“Towards the end of it, you could tell he was getting a little aggravated and he did try to strike once,” LaRosa said.

While the plan was to take the snake to a wildlife center, a neighbor, who has two ball pythons, volunteered to care for it.

“You would never really think that something like that would be running around East Windsor. They didn’t really know what to do with them, so yeah I’ll take him,” said Vincent Braxton.

Braxton said while the snake was a bit aggressive at first, it has since calmed down. He said he hopes the owner comes forward.

“I have no problem holding onto it for the rest of its life. That’s fine. If someone is looking for it, and it did get out by accident, I’d be happy to return him.”

Meanwhile, LaRosa said besides the adrenaline rush, he is relieved they all made it through the heart-racing ordeal OK.

“I was glad we were able to remove him without hurting him," LaRosa said. "That was the last thing I wanted to do."

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