Man Rushes Into River to Save Dog

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A father and son were driving along East Main Street in Bristol Tuesday afternoon when they saw a dog get hit by a car and run into the nearby woods. Several people tried to help. The son, who was in the passenger seat, raced out of the car and jumped into a river behind the woods to find that dog.

“I went in after it. The water came right up to my stomach, belly button area. It swam right into a pipe,” said Andrew Grosky.

Using his phone as a flashlight, Grosky says he didn’t even notice the frigid temperature of the water as he quickly moved into the pitch-black pipe, hoping to bring the injured dog back out.

“Dog got hit by a car. All I kept thinking is it’s in shock and it’s not going to be able to swim. It’s not going to be able to tread water,” said Grosky.

Finding the small dog clinging to a portion of the pipe, he held on to the shivering pet and began leading them both to dry land.

Andrew Grosky
Video shows the moments a man helped an injured dog escape a river Tuesday night.

“I unzippered my jacket a little bit, put it inside my jacket, and then I gave it a big hug and was breathing on it. He was shaking a lot. He was really cold,” said Grosky.

Grosky says since the owners weren’t home, he handed the pet off to their neighbor and hopes the pup’s doing better. Dad Kevin Grosky shot video of the two soaking wet and cold but OK. He says it’s not a surprise his son would run out to help an injured animal. It’s just who he is.

“We’re animal lovers. We always have been, and we always will be. I’m just very proud of him,” said Kevin Grosky.

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