Man Sentenced 80 Years For Murder of Girlfriend and Her Daughter

A 29-year-old Waterbury man was sentenced 80 years in prison for murdering a mother and her 9-year-old daughter in 2017.

Anthony Rutherford received 40 years for each killing as part of a plea deal with the state.

The judge said the murders of Chaquinequea Brodie and her 9-year-old daughter My’Jaeaha Richardson were by a “sociopath with absolutely no conscious.”

Those strong words were delivered after Rutherford apologized in court.

“I want to apologize sincerely, for actions.”

That apology too little too late for the victims' family.

"No remorse. No sense of feeling any type of anything for what he’s done and to callously say he sincerely apologizes, really?” Corrina Martin, Brodie’s mother told NBC Connecticut. “A million years wouldn’t be enough."

Memories and pictures are all Martin has left of her daughter granddaughter.

“They tried to bring a lot of joy and happiness to anyone that knew and met them,” Martin said. “It was a gruesome acceptance of an 80 year sentence that does not fit the crimes committed against my daughter and granddaughter.”

Rutherford was Brodie’s live-in boyfriend at the time of the crime. Police say Brodie was killed in front of her daughters, the youngest just 2 years old. They helped identify Rutherford.

This tragedy happened four years after the victim’s sister was killed in an unrelated murder. Alyssiah Wiley was only 20 back in 2013, when she was killed. Her ex-boyfriend, Jermaine Richards was convicted of murdering and dismembering Wiley’s body after ending their four-year relationship.

Martin said both her daughters were victims of domestic violence.

“Such a demon such as that to come in under already gruesome situation in a fragmented family trying to piece together of the heinous horrific loss of my daughter, to do even more gruesome a crime to murder a mother and child.”

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