Man Sentenced to 42 Years in Baby's Death

He will be eligible for parole after 25 years.

The man charged in the stabbing death of a baby girl in Bristol has been sentenced to 42 years in prison.

Arthur Hapgood was charged in the murder of 1-year-old Zaniyah Calloway, who died after she was stabbed in the torso in 2014. He pleaded not guilty to all charges, according to the judicial district.

After being accused of stabbing and killing a 1-year-old baby, Arthur Hapgood appeared in front of a judge leaving the family seeking answers.

Hapgood’s mother was caring for Zaniyah at her home on Park Street in Bristol when Hapgood suddenly grew angry and grabbed a knife, according to family members.

According to the arrest warrant for Hapgood, he was smoking marijuana outside his family’s place that night, walked inside in a fit of rage, grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the 1-year-old in the stomach.

Shakyia Clay’s 1-year-old daughter was murdered earlier this week. On Thursday, she told her story.

Hapgood, who was identified as an extended family member of Zaniyah, admitted to taking illegal drugs before to the stabbing, police said.

In 2014, Republican lawmakers said Hapgood's past was filled with warning signs before the crime.

He was arrested more than two dozen times in the decades before the murder on charges ranging from drug-related incidents to robbery and got out of jail early through the early release program.

Hapgood was sentenced to 42 years in prison, but is eligible for parole after 25 years.

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