Man Severely Injured in Dog Attack in New Britain

New Britain police are desperately trying to find a dog that attacked and severely injured a man on Prospect Street on Saturday.

The man walked out of a building and into the parking lot at 15 Prospect Street, when the dog charged at him, unprovoked, according to police.

Police described the dog as a tall pit bull mix, mostly white with black spots. The victim reported the entire right side of the dog’s head was black.

The animal latched onto the victim's leg and pulled him to the ground, ripping flesh from the man's thigh.
With the dog still biting his legs, the man was able to drag himself back to the building and used the door to get the dog off of him.

He was rushed to Hartford Hospital with severe injuries, including nerve and tendon damage in one leg, and several bite wounds on his other leg and hands.

Police searched the area for the dog and interviewed several people in the neighborhood, but no one knew where the dog had come from, police said. Officers believe the dog may be kept in a basement or a crate and isn't used to interacting with people. They are afraid if the animal gets out, it may attack again.

Bonnie Carrillo’s 77-year-old mother lives in the building, and Carrillo says she’s concerned for her mother’s safety.

“I am worried about my mom and I told her ‘Ma make sure you keep your doors locked, don't take out the dog if you see that dog around because it could bite you,’” she said.

Anyone with information about the dog is asked to call Sgt. Keller with the New Britain Police Department at 860-826-3079.

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