Man Sexually Assaulted Girlfriend's 11-Year-Old Daughter: CSP

Connecticut state police have arrested a Lisbon man accused of having a sexual relationship with his girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter while living in their Stafford apartment.

Timothy A Miceli, 27, was arrested Friday and faces charges of first-degree sex assault and risk of injury to a minor.

According to the arrest warrant, the investigation began on Feb. 10 when the victim reported to her therapist that she was having a sexual relationship with her mother’s live-in boyfriend that had been going on since around August 2016.

After telling her therapist of the relationship, the victim was taken to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, where a sexual assault evidence collection kit was completed and she was evaluated. Police also interviewed her mother, who told them she’d been dating Miceli since August 2016 and after two weeks of dating he moved in with her and her daughter. She also told police when she was at work Miceli would watch the victim.

The victim’s mother also noted that her daughter had been to the pediatrician several times over complaints that her private area was itchy, but nothing came of those visits.

The warrant states that the victim told investigators that the relationship started when she asked Miceli how to kiss. The victim said that Miceli first told her verbally, but eventually showed her physically. The victim said it happened when her mother wasn’t around and developed into sex. The victim reported that she and Miceli had been having sex for about three weeks and that he told her not to tell anyone because he could “get his private part chopped off going to jail” and that he would kill himself.

When officers first met with Miceli he denied knowing anything about a sexual assault and agreed to leave the apartment and move back in with his mother so police and the Department of Children and Families could conduct their investigation.

Investigators said that when they interviewed Miceli a week later, he admitted to having sex with the victim in the apartment multiple times . He told police the victim pressured him into showing her how to kiss and that he ended up kissing her. He said the victim then began asking him to have sex.

Miceli was issued a $750,000 bond and is expected to appear in court on Feb. 21.

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