Man Shot in Meriden Has Serious Injuries

A man who was shot in Meriden early Friday morning has serious injuries and was taken to a local trauma center.

The shooting happened around 2:30 a.m. at the corner of South 1st Street and North 1st Street.

Michael Baez, of Meriden, said he was with the victim before the shooting and is in shock.

"Everybody was happy at the bar. He was smiling, joking around," Baez said.

The victim's brother is also in hte hospital after being hit by a car a few days ago, according to Baez.

Melvin Lopez, of Meriden, is a neighbor and friend of the victim and said he was next door when the shooting happened.

“We heard like four or five gunshots. We came outside. -- Obviously being the neighbors we knew them. -- We came outside to a bunch of screaming, a bunch of yelling,” Lopez said. Then he saw the victim on the floor.

Lopez said it appeared that the victim had been shot in the stomach and neck.

An ambulance responded and brought the victim to the hospital.

Police are investigating and have not made any arrests.

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