Man Suspected of Wearing Halloween Mask During Chinese Restaurant Robbery Arrested

An armed man wearing a scary Halloween mask robbed a Chinese restaurant in Somers on the Sunday night of Nov. 20, 2016 and state police have arrested a suspect.

Zachary Brennon Smith, 20, of Somers, was arrested on July 31 and charged in connection with the armed robbery at China City Restaurant.

Police said he was wearing a scary dark green Halloween mask, had a green hood on, pointed a fake gun at the victim and stole around $200.

One witness told police that Smith said he was hurting for money, according to the arrest warrant application, and Smith told officers he was addicted to heroin and has a habit of using three to four bags a day, but makes enough money to support his drug habit.

When police confronted Smith about details on the robbery, he became upset and ended the interview, according to police. 

Smith has been charged with first-degree robbery and sixth-degree larceny and bond was set at $50,000.

Police said more arrests are expected.  

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