Man Threatens to ‘Shoot Up' Manchester Community College: Police

NBC Connecticut

A man was arrested after being accused of threatening to "shoot up" Manchester Community College and then kill himself, according to police.

Officials said they arrested the Manchester man on Monday after he allegedly made the threat against the school on May 23.

The man had made threats to harm himself and others over the phone, authorities said. Officials said they were told he wouldn't be satisfied with his life until he goes through with his plan of killing a large group of people.

Officers located the man at a nearby hospital where he admitted to having thoughts related to what was reported. Police requested an emergency evaluation for the man and he was ultimately placed in medical care.

In the following days, police said they gathered additional information about the incident. They learned that the man was the subject of multiple incidents where he made similar threats.

Police obtained an arrest warrant and a risk protection order for the man.

Authorities said a risk protection order is an order police can ask the court to issue that prevents a person, who is an immediate risk of causing personal injury to themselves or others, from having or getting firearms, deadly weapons or ammunition. As of June 1, family, household members or medical professionals can apply for a risk protection order with the clerk of the court in their area. For more information, click here.

He was taken into custody on Monday after being released from the hospital. He faces charges including second-degree breach of peace and second-degree threatening, according to officials.

The man was held on a $100,000 bond and he appeared in court Tuesday. Police said he was released after showing up at court and posting bond.

He'll be monitored by GPS bracelet until his next court appearance.

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