Man v. 2-Foot Hotdogs

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Doogie's two-foot hotdogs draw a crowd, but Adam Richman (the "Man v. Food" guy) draws a bigger one. That's why the line at Doogie’s Newington was out the door on Friday for the filming of Richman's latest challenge. 

In case you don’t know what "Man v. Food" is all about, Richman goes across the country and takes on the biggest food challenges. He was at Doogie’s for either the 2-foot hotdog challenge or the four-pound burger challenge. The show was hush-hush about which one they picked.

The record for dogs is 10 feet and only one person has finished the 4-pound burger. But we have faith that man won in the Man v. Food challenge. Afterall,in Pittsburgh, he put down an entire platter of Atomic Hot Wings. In Atlanta, he went one-on-one with a 13-pound pizza.

Mike Braunstein, of Middletown, was one of the people who went to see Richman.

“I'm a big fan of ‘Man vs. Food.’  Adam Richman is kind of a hero of mine, and I have survived the 2-foot hotdog at Doogie’s,” he said.

This is a return to Connecticut for Richman, who graduated from Yale's drama school. From there, he traveled the U.S., performing in regional theaters and starting his journey of feasting.  

Doogie’s spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, which surely contributed to the lines.

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