Man Videotaped Women in Wesleyan Bathroom: Cops

Micheal McKenna told officers he isn't proud of his fetish, according to police

Police arrested a man they said admitted to videotaping women in a bathroom on the Wesleyan University campus.

Michael McKenna told investigators he is aroused by videotaping women in bathrooms and can't help his fetish, according to police.

Officers were called to the Olin Library at 252 Church Street around 8 p.m. Sunday. A female student reported seeing someone recording her with a small digital camera as she used the restroom.

The woman told police she walked into the women's bathroom on the library's third floor and heard a faint beep. She also noticed a pair of feet in black socks visible in the last stall, the woman told police.

She told officers that as she began to use the bathroom she felt uneasy, decided to lean over and looked underneath the stall. She saw a silver digital camera with an orange light pointed at her. The victim immediately left the bathroom.

She and a friend returned to the bathroom, but it was empty. The two spotted a man standing in a hallway nearby. The two described the man to police.

Officer found Michael McKenna, of West Hartford, and began to interview him. McKenna told officers that he was not a Wesleyan student, but had been in an argument with his roommate and was on the campus to walk around, according to police.

Investigators asked McKenna if he had a silver camera, he said "no" and told officers they could search his vehicle, police said. According to police, as the officers accompanied McKenna to his car, the 30-year-old asked is he would receive leniency if he cooperated with police. After officers told McKenna it wouldn't hurt to cooperate, McKenna admitted to hiding a camera behind the driver's seat in his car.

According to police, investigators found 14 videos on the camera, including some showing women using the toilet.

After his arrest, McKenna admitted to police that he used a personal computer at his West Hartford home to store and share videos of women using the bathroom, police said. He told officers he is not proud of his fetish, but that he is sexually aroused by it and cannot help it, according to police.

McKenna was charged with voyeurism, breach of peace and criminal trespass. He was released on a $15,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court March 4.

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