Man With Starter Pistol, Drugs Fought Officer: Cops

West Haven police shot a man with a stun gun after he ran from police who tried to stop him for motor vehicle violation, police said.

Police tried to stop Efren Ducos, 38, of East Haven, at 1:30 a.m. on Monday because of motor vehicle violations, but he sped from the scene, police said.

The passenger then turned off the ignition, causing the car to stall, and Ducos ran, again tried to get away from officers, police said.

Police then used a Taser and arrested Ducos, who had a “facsimile semiautomatic starter gun” in his front pocket and a bag of what police believe is heroin.

There was also a bag of crack cocaine in Ducos' car.

Police said there were two felony warrants from State Police and New Haven Police for Ducos and authorities served them.

Ducos was arrested and charged with use of a facsimile firearm, possession of narcotics, interfering with police and several motor vehicle charges.

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