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Manchester High School Changing Mascot

Students who led the charge for change said they felt the current mascot, the Indians, was racially insensitive.

Manchester High School is changing its mascot.

The Board of Education voted unanimously Monday night to change the Indians nickname the high school has used since 1949.

A group of student activists led the push for change, saying they considered the mascot racially insensitive.

The board voted Monday to take action, but not everyone agreed with the decision.

“I'm very disappointed,” said Manchester resident Ed Bergren. “I wanted to have them stay with the Indians because i didn't think it was derogative toward the Indians. It's more of a descriptive name.”

"I think it's really important... and I'm proud of the board and of our community that we chose tonight to be on the right side of history and to make this decision," said Katherine Miner.

The new mascot for Manchester High School will be The Red Hawks.

The superintendent said they’ll look at how to start making changes next week.

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