Manchester Officer Shoots, Kills Pitbull Attacking Teen

A Manchester police officer shot and killed a pitbull that was attacking a 14-year-old girl on Wednesday. 

Manchester Police responded to a dog biting complaint on Vernon Street at 12:30 p.m. 

When Officer Joseph Davis arrived to the scene, the house's smoke alarm was going off and he could hear screaming from inside the home.

Davis walked into the kitchen where a toaster was on fire and flamers were reaching the cabinets.  The officer found a 14-year-old girl sitting on a kitchen counter, screaming that a dog was attacking her friend. 

The teen was instructed to run out of the house as Davis followed screams into the next room, where he found the other teenage girl and blood on the floor.

Police said a large pitbull, weighing approximately 100 pounds, was jumping towards a TV stand where the girl was hiding behind. The officer said the girl had blood on her arms and midsection.

Davis called out to the dog in an effort to distract the pitbull but the dog continued charging the girl. When Davis tried to call out to the dog a second time, the dog ran toward him in an aggressive manner, police said. 

When the dog ran towards Davis, he discharged his gun and killed the dog. 

The officer was able to get himself and the teen suffering from puncture wounds out of the house as the residence filled with smoke, police said. 

The teen victims told police that they had come home early from school and found the fire alarm going off with smoke coming out of the house. The girls said the dog seemed agitated and was running around before biting one of the girls. When her friend tried to pull the dog away, she got bit and was dragged across the floor by the dog. She was bitten several times before they were able to call 911.

The 14-year-old was transported to Connecticut Children's Hospital to be treated. 

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