Thea Digiammerino

Manchester Taking Steps to Quell Stench from Landfill

A stink that continues to spread this summer in Manchester is about to be squashed for good. Town officials announced a long-term solution to make sure the trash from the town’s landfill doesn’t carry to residential areas.

Gianna Carmichael of Manchester says the smell was surprisingly the strongest away from the landfill. “I’ve noticed it,” says Carmichael, “and, weirdly enough, the only time I’ve really strongly noticed it was on the highway.”

Tamyra Knighton lives across from the Olcott Street landfill, and worries about the stench affecting her daughter’s health. “She goes outside every morning and says it stinks so, there’s nothing I can really do.”

Manchester town manager Scott Shanley says starting in November, a new, expanded plumbing system will be built inside the landfill to burn the hydrogen sulfide gas causing the smell.

“The idea is to vacuum the gases out of the landfill before they rise into the atmosphere,” says Shanley.

Shanley says according to a recent engineering report, the smell is created by built up layers of trash. Methane burns off at the lower levels where the gas collection wells are, which then destroys the potent hydrogen sulfide gas.

The town has $750,000 in state grant money to create 24 new collection wells this winter, which should suppress the smell.

It’s welcome news for Carmichael. “It’s definitely a good idea, I wouldn’t want to wake up and have to smell that every morning.”

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