Manchester: Turn Off Computer and Shop In Person

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Local businesses in Manchester are hoping to make a change in the way people shop.

They want customers to step away from the computer and step into local shops and support local businesses by making purchases there, the Hartford Courant reports.

The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce will be starting a publicity campaign this week that asks residents to buy locally instead of doing retail shopping online.

The “You Can Get It Here” campaign asks consumers to reduce their online shopping by 5 percent over a year. This shift would bring in $2 million to the local economy through local charities, taxes, and purchases from local merchants, Chamber President Sue O’Connor has told several newspapers, including the Journal Inquirer and the Courant.

Around 4 percent of all retail sales today are made online and that number is growing. The average online shopper spends more than $1,400 online annually, the New Britain Herald reports.

Economists say that that money could be valuable to the local economy.

By purchasing locally and supporting local businesses, communities are likely to stimulate job growth and attract more business to their area.

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