Mansfield Ranks Third Smartest Town in U.S.

Good news for UConn: according to a recent study, Mansfield, home of the university's main campus, is America's third smartest city or town.

San Francisco brain-training company Lumosity recently released its 2013 list of America’s Smartest Cities, and Mansfield is at the top. The study comprises anonymous gaming data from over 3 million people who used Lumosity's brain training program.

The data comes from people ages 15 to 75, who played brain-training games across five cognitive areas including memory, processing speed, flexibility, attention and problem solving. The scores were compiled to measure overall BPI (brain performance indicator), according to the Business Insider.

Not surprisingly, college towns dominated the top rankings

Other bright-minded cities include top-scoring Stanford, Calif.; Princeton, N.J., coming in at number two;  Evanston, Ill. and Cambridge, Mass., home of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Top 50 locales included seven Boston suburbs and a host of communities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.

Mansfield is the only Connecticut town to make it into the top 50.

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