Mark Twain House Decorated for the Holidays

The trees have been trimmed, garland has been strung, and the Mark Twain House is beginning to look at lot like Christmas.

"It's decorated as a Victorian house would have been decorated back in the day when Mark Twain lived here from 1874-1891," David Cash, publicist at the Mark Twain House and Museum said.

In those days, public areas of the house, mostly on the first floor, were more heavily decorated, while the upstairs rooms displayed the types of gifts family members might have exchanged.

The Clemens' preparation for the holidays wasn't just about the decorations.

"Livy would prepare gift baskets for the poor that would be delivered by her husband and daughters and the coachman by sleigh all over the countryside," Gary Jones, historic interpreter for the Mark Twain House said.

But when it came down to Christmas morning, the Clemens children would rush the the school room where they knew gifts would be waiting.

"They'd be in there by six in the morning and have their presents open and their thank you notes written most likely before their parents came in to join them," Jones said.

December 6, you can get a holiday tour of not only the Mark Twain House, but also six other area homes. Each house will feature holiday decorations and live music.

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